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Top Home Building and Remodeling Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Dallas homeowners continue to raise the bar and set the standard for unparalleled living spaces. As we explore custom home building and remodeling trends for the new year, the emphasis on timeless design principles remains evident. From the allure of steel doors and windows to the omnipresence of marble, redefined paneling, and custom crown moulding, homeowners have an exciting array of trends to adopt, creating spaces that are perfectly tailored to their lifestyle. As we move into 2024, these trends are influencing the landscape of luxury living in Dallas neighborhoods.

Elevated Paneling 

Paneling, a classic favorite, continues to shine. Expect to see paneling done in unique and innovative ways, adding depth and visual interest to every space.

More Marble

The use of marble continues to expand beyond countertops. In 2024, expect to see marble in unexpected places, such as bathrooms, fireplaces, and detailed countertop edging. This classic material reigns supreme when it comes to elevating a space.

Steel Doors and Windows

Dallas homeowners are making a grand entrance with the sleek appeal of steel doors and windows. These elements seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living while checking the boxes of style and durability.

Custom Crown Moulding

Crown moulding gets an upgrade in 2024. Look for more custom elements tailored to fit each home's architecture and client's style, elevating this detail to a personalized design. 

Contact Barringer Custom Homes 

Bridging the gap between timeless design and trends can be tricky. For more than 20 years, Barringer Homes has had the privilege of building beautiful custom homes that are as unique as the families who call them home. 

At Barringer Homes, our greatest desire is to build the home you’ve always dreamed of and that is uniquely you. Contact us to get started!


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