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Barringer Custom Homes Featured by Luxe Interiors + Design

Barringer Custom Homes is grateful for this feature in Luxe Interiors + Design by Christine Deorio.

Primed To Thrive For A New Generation, A 1939 Dallas Home Debuts A Vibrant Restoration

"Design-and-build team Sheri and Raegan Barringer firmly believe in bringing old homes back to life—even when that requires a lot more ingenuity than starting from scratch. “So many are built and then torn down a couple generations later,” says Raegan. “It’s wonderful to find a grand old house still in good enough condition to become incredible given some time and money.”

That mentality made the married duo a natural fit for a Dallas couple seeking a fresh, family-friendly style for their 1939 Southern Colonial-style residence. The structure had withstood many dated alterations over the years, but its vast potential charmed the owners out of the new build they had been considering and right into a top-to-bottom remodel.

“The last thing we wanted to do was tear down a beautiful house with great bones—it just needed to be reworked,” says the husband, who fell for the abode’s curb appeal, sprawling backyard and 8,000-square-foot interior..." Continue reading this article by Luxe Interiors + Design

For more than 20 years, Barringer has had the privilege of building and remodeling custom homes that are as unique as the families who reside in them. Our greatest desire is to create the exceptional, functional home you’ve always dreamed of. 


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